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• What services do you offer on your event planning, event decoration, and floral design page?

We offer customizable options to meet your specific needs. With valuable connections to industry experts and vendors, we provide comprehensive services. Whether you need an event/wedding planner, floral designer, or corporate/social/private services, our team is fully devoted to ensuring an unforgettable occasion. Trust us to work tirelessly to make your event exceptional.


• How can I request a quote for my event?

To request a personalized quote for your event, we recommend that you contact us through our contact form or our customer service email. Please provide all relevant event details, such as the date, location, number of guests, and any specific preferences you have in mind. This will allow us to prepare a proposal tailored to your needs.


• Do you offer floral design services for corporate events?

Yes, our floral design services are also available for corporate events. We understand the importance of representing your company's image in an elegant and professional manner, and our custom floral designs can help create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere for your corporate events. We also provide corporate services to hotels, restaurants, and more.


• Can you adapt the floral designs according to the theme or style of my event?

Absolutely! Our team is expert at creating arrangements that align with the specific theme and style of your event. Whether you're looking for a classic, modern, rustic, or themed aesthetic, we will work with you to ensure that the floral designs and decorations perfectly complement the desired atmosphere.

• How long advance notice do you need to book your services?

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to book our services, especially if you have a specific date in mind. This way, we can ensure the availability of our team and provide you with the best possible service. However, we will always do our best to accommodate last-minute requests when possible.


• Do you deliver floral arrangements to the event venue?

Yes, we offer delivery and setup services for our floral arrangements at the event venue. Our team will take care of the installation and arrangement of the floral decorations to ensure that everything is ready for the special moment.

• What services do you offer on your page for wedding planning, design, and decoration?

Our expert team of wedding planners and designers at Belle Petal Events is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique style and personality. Whether you dream of a romantic beach wedding, a rustic barn setting, or a luxurious evening in a ballroom, we are here to transform your special day into a charming and cherished memory. We offer a complete range of services to make your wedding an unforgettable event. This includes interior design and decoration, stunning floral designs, and comprehensive wedding planning services so you can enjoy your special day without worries.


• How can I get started with planning my wedding with you?

Starting with us is simple. Just get in touch through our contact form or email to schedule an initial consultation. In this meeting, we will discuss your ideas, preferences, and vision for the wedding day. From there, our planning team will guide you through every step of the process.


• Do you offer personalized wedding service packages?

Yes, we understand that each couple has unique needs and desires for their wedding. Therefore, we offer customized packages that cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need only floral design, decoration, or complete planning, we can tailor our services to meet your expectations. To ensure maximum attention and personalized care, we limit our bookings to only two full-service weddings or event planning per month. Our commitment to making your dream wedding come true extends to customizing every aspect, from the tiniest details to flawless execution.


• What styles of floral design do you offer for weddings?

Our team of floral designers is versatile and can adapt to a wide range of styles for your wedding flowers. From elegant and classic to modern and bohemian, we are ready to create floral arrangements that reflect your personality and complement your wedding theme.


• What is your wedding planning process?

Our wedding planning process starts with a detailed consultation to understand your expectations and preferences. From there, we will develop a personalized plan that includes vendor selection, logistical coordination, wedding design, and more. We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that everything is perfectly organized for the big day. To ensure maximum attention and personalized care, we limit our bookings to only two full-service weddings or event planning per month. Our commitment to making your dream wedding come true extends to customizing every aspect, from the tiniest details to flawless execution. This dedication sets us apart, and we recommend reaching out to us in advance to secure our services before our limited availability is filled.


• Do you provide day-of-wedding coordination services?

Yes, we offer day-of-wedding coordination services to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our team will be present to oversee the setup, handle any unforeseen circumstances, and ensure that every detail is executed as planned.

  • How far in advance do you accept bookings?

On average, my clients book with me somewhere between 8-16 months prior to their wedding date, however I have some that book me as far as 2 years in advance. It's never too early to reach out to secure me for your date. I do ask that you have your wedding date and venue secured prior to meeting with me so that we can really jump into the details based on the style and location of your venue as well as the season of your wedding.

  • How do I know if you are available on my wedding date?

Please fill out our inquiry form located on this site. Once I receive that filled out form, I will send you an email to confirm availability and discuss further steps.

  • Do you "hold" wedding dates for clients who are interested in booking with you?

Once we've scheduled our complimentary consultation, I do hold your date for 7 days after you've received your custom floral proposal. This allows you the time to review the design proposal, ask questions and discuss options before making a decision on booking. After the 7 day grace period, your date is released for other potential bookings and is no longer guaranteed to be available. Book before the 7 day time is over to secure me as your wedding florist.

  • Am I locked into the designs we choose at the time of booking?

Not at all! I always say that wedding planning is a process. Along the way, you're going to make planning decisions that will ultimately reflect back into the floral and décor aspect of your wedding. During our initial consultation, we will discuss an ultimate vision, however this will be adjusted as time progresses. At about 2 months prior to your wedding, we will meet for your design meeting. During that time, we will make final adjustments to your proposal and fine-tune all of your floral designs to coordinate with all of the other wedding details.

  • Are there specific flowers that you can/cannot get in and where do you source your flowers from?

Seasonality is always a key component with fresh flowers, however you will be surprised at how many flowers I am able to source year 'round. I source my flowers from a variety of places, both locally and overseas. Roses typically come from Ecuador, hydrangea from Miami, some flowers come from Holland, California, Kansas City... You name it! Having these options allows me to source flowers even when they wouldn't be "in season" here locally. This means we can get the freshest blooms from all around the world for your special day.

  • Do you have a contract?

Yes. I send a copy of my contract when you receive your floral proposal following our initial consultation. This contract protects both me as the vendor and you as the client.

  • What do you require to book?

To secure your wedding date and book with me, I require a signed copy of my contract as well as a non-refundable retainer (amount varies based on booking amount and is listed on the proposal and contract).

  • What methods do you offer for consultations and meetings?

I offer consults via Zoom video call as well. I work with many couples from all around the world who are planning a wedding remotely

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